Atari 2600 (Darth Vader)

The Atari 2600 (or Atari VCS, which stands for Video Computer System) is a video game console that was originally released in 1977 by Atari, Inc.

Atari 2600 (Darth Vader)

It is considered one of the most iconic video game systems of all time and helped to create the video game industry.

The version of the console known as the "Darth Vader" was released in 1982 and gained its nickname because of its black color and design that resembled the costume of Darth Vader from the "Star Wars" movie franchise. The "Darth Vader" version was the last version of the console released by Atari before it exited the video game market due to financial problems in the mid-1980s. However, the console continued to have a major impact on the video game industry and remains a beloved and collectible piece for many video game fans.

Manufacturer: Atari

Release Date: 1982

Model: CX-2600

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