Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition of the Video Games Museum is a chronological journey full of emotions and memories.

Our journey begins in 1970, starting with the first chronological console in our possession and ending today, as it is a dynamic collection that is constantly being enriched.

A wide variety of exhibits where the visitor sees consoles that are completely unknown to him completely familiar. Crossing the timeline we have created, we clearly distinguish the evolution of the electronic game within 50 years.

The permanent exhibition is designed so that the visitors go through each chronology in turn seeing its consoles each year and the exhibits are placed in minimalist glass, without reflections, prisms, so that they can pay the proper attention to the artifacts, in order to notice every detail that exists, every button and if they are used it in the past, to remember how it works, otherwise to learn how previous generations played with them.

Born in 2022 in Heraklion Crete, Greece, Video Games Museum is a particularly complex project which will soon open its doors to visitors.