Video games and consoles have entered our lives since the early 1970s, in fact the first arcade electronic game made its appearance in 1971 (Computer Space). Electronic games have grown many generations to this day, they will continue to evolve and provide entertainment for young and old.

The collection at the  Video Games Museum started when we were kids buying one game at a time and one console for years. With the excitement of each game and the excitement of the new one, the collection slowly grew as we grew.

This is how we arrived today, having in our possession hundreds of consoles and with the childhood enthusiasm still active, in the first exclusive Museum of Electronic Games in Greece, with the aim of traveling through time, highlighting at the same time the history and evolution of electronic games.

The museum has been created with the aim of informing visitors about the history of electronic games, where through the permanent exhibition which presents in an interactive way hundreds of consoles, with the periodic exhibitions, to get to know the very interesting topics we present, through a hands-on experience, as well as enrich their knowledge, mixing in a unique way the art of video games, cinema, photography, music and more. You can take a unique interactive journey through the past decades, through the Time Capsules we have created. We have also created a series of training programs and seminars, by qualified partners.

Born in 2022 in Heraklion Crete, Greece, Video Games Museum is a particularly complex project which will soon open its doors to visitors.