Media sponsors of the IESF 2023 Esports World Championship in Romania

As a media sponsor of the International Esports Federation (IESF) World Esports Championship 2023 in Iași, Romania, will have the opportunity to cover and promote the event to its audience.

Media sponsors of the IESF 2023 Esports World Championship in Romania

The IESF is a global organization that supports and regulates Esports competitions around the world and hosting the World Championship in Romania is a major achievement for the country. 

Esports has become a rapidly growing industry in recent years, with millions of fans and participants around the world. The Esports World Championship is a major event in the Esports calendar and attracts some of the best players and teams from around the world. By being a media sponsor of this event, can help raise awareness of Esports and its growing importance in the sports and entertainment industry.

Romania will host the Esports World Championship between August 24th and September 4th. The competition, organized by the International Esports Federation, will bring together the most players ever in any e-sports event organized to date in the world. Players will compete for the title of world champion, individually or as a team, in seven competitions and six top games. The Esports World Championship 2023 will be held in the framework of the Digital Throne festival, which will bring digital entertainment in all its forms, from spectacular stages and top musicians, to spectacular screenings at the Palace of Culture in Iași or cosplay parades in costumes of movie heroes and video games. More than 20,000 Esports fans and more than 50,000 music fans are expected to attend the event. The global audience, which will watch the games online, will reach more than 30 million people. More than 700 players from more than 120 countries will compete on four giant stages, competing in six of the top competitive games at the moment, namely Counter Strike: Global-Offensive, Dota 2, eFootball, Tekken, Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile.  

Another first in the history of the Esports World Championship is the creation of the first Women's World Championship in Counter Strike: Global-Offensive. “The International Esports Federation is constantly striving for inclusion and diversity in Esports. Women's teams are an essential part of the Esports World Championship and we are excited for the upcoming women's matches. The most valuable CS:GO player in the world right now is Ana Dumbravă, who hails from the Moldova region, not far from Iasi, so we're sure she'll be an inspiration and springboard for women's teams around the world to join in the competition, representing one of more than 120 countries," says Vlad Marinescu, president of the IESF. The total value of the prizes amounts to €500,000, the largest prize money ever held by a World Championship. The awards will be presented after the nearly 500 matches that the final tournament will host in Iasi for one week. National competitions are currently taking place that determine, for each individual game, the composition of the teams that will go to the regional tournaments, which will be held in May and June.

About Digital Throne 

Digital Throne is a 10-day festival, running from August 24th to September 4th, which internationally launches Iasi's bid to become the world capital of digital sports, arts, education and entertainment. As part of Digital Throne, Iasi 2023 marks the 15th Esports World Championship. More than 700 players in over 120 countries will compete for the global Esports throne in an environment that exudes a unique culture and rich history.

About IESF

IESF is the unifying body for Global Esports. It was founded in 2008 by nine member states and today consists of 130 member federations on five continents. The IESF brings together all Esports stakeholders to achieve a unified ecosystem for the development of sustainable and responsible gaming worldwide. The IESF WE Championships is the largest multi-sport Esports spectacle in the world. The IESF also organizes the annual Global Esports Summit to support the highest level of Esports governance worldwide.