A visit at the Nationaal Videogame Museum in Zoetermeer

Our museum had a recent visit to the Nationaal Videogame Museum in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. This visit was marked by an inspiring exchange of ideas and exceptional hospitality from the Zoetermeer team.

A visit at the Nationaal Videogame Museum in Zoetermeer

Our visit included a comprehensive tour of the Nationaal Videogame Museum, where our owner enjoyed exclusive behind-the-scenes access. The team in Zoetermeer shared their extensive expertise on video game history and preservation, offering valuable insights that will enhance the Heraklion museum’s exhibits and educational programs.

This enriching experience has strengthened the bond between our two institutions, fostering collaboration and innovation in our shared mission to celebrate and preserve the rich history of video gaming.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the staff of the Nationaal Videogame Museum for their warm welcome and the time they devoted to making our visit memorable and productive. Their dedication to video game history and education is truly admirable.

For more information about the Nationaal Videogame Museum, visit their official website at www.nationaalvideogamemuseum.nl.

Stay tuned for exciting updates from the Heraklion Video Games Museum as we incorporate the knowledge and ideas gained from this visit. We look forward to further collaborations and continuing to bring the fascinating world of video games to our community.