Acetronic MPU 1000

The 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System is a second-generation home video game console released by European company Audiosonic back in 1979.

Acetronic MPU 1000

It is part of a group of software-compatible consoles which include the Interton VC 4000 and the Voltmace Database. The 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System included its power pack inside the console instead of an exterior power pack. The user had to be familiar with programming in Signetics 2650 assembly language and the unconventional ways and register architecture of the Signetics 2650 processor.


  • PCB Scan of the Acetronic MPU-1000.
  • CPU: 8-bit Signetics 2650AI at 0.887 MHz
  • Programmable video interface: Signetics 2636N at 3.58 MHz.
  • Data Memory: 43 bytes


  • Sprites: 4 single colour sprites (1 can be 8 colours)
  • 1 score line displaying 4 BCD digits
  • Background consisting of a series of alternating lines

Manufacturer: Audiosonic

Release Date: 1978

Model: 1000

Photos Acetronic MPU 1000

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